Born in 1971 in Calimera (Le), Dominga Pascali has always had a passion for art since she was a child, attending several courses of painting. Starting from 1982 to 1985 with tempera painting technique then, from 1985 to 1990, the artist refined this technique and experimented with oil painting, watercolor, Indian ink, ecoline, acrylics, synthetic enamels, charcoal, oil pastels, oil on Panel, pyrography. Graduated at the “Istituto Statale d'Arte di Lecce”, she participated in several painting competitions achieving excellent results. In 1983 When she was only twelve, she participated and won the first prize at the "extemporary painting contest" organized by municipality of Calimera (Le). In 1984, she won the first prize in the "exhibition of paintings" organized by "Atelier Murghì" in the municipality of Calimera (Le). In 1986, placed equal third, in twelfth inter-regional competition of painting "g. Cuomo" of Salerno, where she collected the award and congratulations from the then-president , Sandro Pertini. From the artistic manifestation of the early years, she shows a realistic style of painting, in which the subjects come from daily life and surrounding landscape.

The representations on the canvas are obtained with fluid strokes, avoiding strong contrasts and preferring bright colors. In this phase ,the artist depicts little corners of nature, with a keen eye to detail and beauty of everyday landscape. Though already in these early works, she went beyond a strict representation of reality. After the adolescent period, aimed to refine her painting technique, Dominga signed up at the Faculty of architecture at the “Università degli Studi di Firenze” in 1990, earning a degree ,and then enabled the exercise of the profession of Architect. It is the University that leads the artist to change its pictorial mindset, coming off radically from what she had created previously: her paintings begin to be more symbolic, especially when she begins to take an interest in abstract art, influenced by artists like Vasilij Kandinskijs, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt, Piet Mondrian. At the age of 23, she comes to a radical stylistic breakthrough, representing the most decisive step towards total abstraction: straight, vertical, horizonta lines, circles, arrows, men crushed by buildings or choked on part of them, strong colors contrasts and bright colors that represent the bond between man and woman.

Now Dominga is a successful architect and an original painter who continues day after day searching new painting techniques. From her works, we deduce significant and very expressive messages, documenting great diligence and uncommon sensibility by the artist in relate to situations that surround her. The shapes and colors express feelings and emotions effectively, following lively but sober rhythms. The essentiality of her pictorial language is an indication of a clarity of intent who hails from a meditated matched with inspirational reality. The essentiality of her pictorial language is an indication of a clear intent that comes from a meditated matching with the inspirational reality, a collection of symbols and messages of strong impact. In May 2012 an article was published in the online magazine Lenovae and in July of the same year anoter article in the magazine "Kinita", talking about her artistic path. In September 2012, she wins the 3° place with 484 votes in the contest ”In and around Painting” with the painting ”Floral Explosion”. In October 2012, she wins the 3rd place at "Freedom" organized by Blipoint in Barcelona with the painting "Freedom: lack of obstacles". December 2012 to January 2013 exhibition at “Associazione culturale Gabriella Ferri" organized by Zetema (ROME). November 2013 exhibition at "Circolo Degli Artisti".

Curriculum Vitae

Sono nata a Calimera (LE) e sin da bambina ho nutrito la passione per l’arte frequentando diversi corsi di pittura. Dal 1982 al 1985 ho...

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