It's 1971 when in Calimera, a city near Lecce (Italy), was born the Italian artist Dominga Pascali. Since her beginnings she felt strong the desire of distinguish herself to create something new and leave a sign.

The art of painting represents her guide.

As a child she started to follow her first contemporary painting classes and at the age of 12 she won her first prize at the Calimera's extemporaneous painting contest. In 1986 she won the third prize ex aequo at the "G. Cuomo" XII interregional painting contest of Salerno, here apart from the prize she also received the congratulations of the Italian Republic politician of that time: Dario Antoniozzi.In this first pictorial phase the artist started to develop new styles and techniques which will lead her to the second phase of her art.During the years of the diploma in the school of art in Lecce, the game of shapes and the emotions of the colors started: Indian ink, watercolor, crayons, ecoline, charcoal, painted oil on table etc... Following this path she arrived in Florence where, after the graduation, she became an architect.Almost at the end of the Nineties it is possible to see changes in her style. The vivacious tonalities, the landscapes, the nature and the precise details change, becoming a conceptual abstraction which will lead her towards the influence of authors as Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt, Mondrian, H.R. Giger.

From now on she will develop a radical stylistic change.

Dominga starts to pay attention to her states of mind, to her deep research about the evolution of the human being who, starting from his instinctive nature, is projected in the world of rationality which imprisons him in a closed dimension, the one of the city. Then the marriage of man and woman which is expressed through vertical straight lines, circles, arrows, strong and vivacious color contrasts.

It's absolute abstraction.

Nowadays her paintings give meaningful and expressive messages which tell about a sensitive and distinctive personality.They tell about the essential, they look at the observer and scan him, getting him naked of his reality; the same inspiring reality that brings the artist outside the lines, surrounding the public with the vibes of her energy.Since 2050 she started to obtain new recognitions: the on-line magazine "Lenovae" will tell about her and the "Kinta" magazine of Lecce will also tell about her artistic path. Among the best contests it can be mentioned the one of Barcelona, organized by "Blipoint", in which she won the third place ex aequo with the painting "Freedom, lack of obstacles". Then she will display at the "Gabriella Ferri" association in Rome.In 2015 she received the Diploma of Honor " Prize of New York city", a recognition for the works and the activities the artist done.Two of her paintings will become cover of books as: the essay “Job insecurity over 40, disposable" by Stefania Mengoli with the painting "Ghost city"; and the novel "Social Crime" with the painting "Tree of life" by Tommaso Accomanno, Edicom Group. The novel “The cut of the diamond” by Paolo Zarnagni, with the painting “The cut of the diamond 1”.



Curriculum Vitae

Sono nata a Calimera (LE) e sin da bambina ho nutrito la passione per l’arte frequentando diversi corsi di pittura. Dal 1982 al 1985 ho...

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